A new year

My movement practice has changed to work on movements that are not plyometric (jumping bothers my head) and have started focusing on getting a good handstand. I have never dreamed so much about parkour before, and it’s pretty neat because I get to “feel” what it’s like to do really difficult moves in them without hesitation.

I got some great tips and inspiration from a hand balancing friend for getting a solid handstand and I am already seeing improvements. My goal is to hold a handstand for 60 seconds by the end of February.

Last month Rob Haddow, a sports therapist with a keen interest in Parkour athletes, worked on correcting the mother of all problems in my body, my lower back. I wince everytime I watch my training footage because I can see how inefficient I move from the dysfunction in my lower back. I am estatic to see how my movement will improve once I am fully capable of doing parkour again!

After a restful holiday and an hour of cross-country skiing that had no negative repercussion to my headaches, I went rock climbing. Having forgotten that I had still not recovered, I pushed my training a bit too much and ended up with intense slowness and headaches that lasted for a few days.

Here’s a film I worked on with some friends. Mirror’s Edge is the game we based it on, I played the main protagonist. It’s pretty cool that the game we based it on featured it!

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