Training like the days of

Some thoughts from the two months in Europe so far…

Measure of consistency

If you fall off, mark it down. If you stay on, mark it down. Clean and concise, the only way a measure of consistency needs to be done. I’ve attempted to record my parkour training multiple times before but without the results I wanted. I believe it simply had to do with the lack of a consistency measure.

Rule of 3

I sometimes lose myself working on the perfection of a movement. By doing this, it becomes more difficult to detach and understand the process I had made. While there is the popular saying of “once is never” in parkour, the opposite can be just as ineffective.

This extends to projects/research. Some of my clearest and proudest moments in training have come from weightlifting because of the cycles and measure of consistency that were used.

Grey area

Emotions get riled up, I get stressed, my palms start sweating, I shut down a bit, I turn on, I have to trust my abilities, I don’t, I wonder why… such thoughts go through my head and…. I find myself in discomfort.

And that is why I do Parkour. To try and become more and more adept at letting go and trusting what I innately already know.

Thank you for your influence, Marcello and Thomas!

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