Promise Land

While on a hike, somewhere in Austria…

Me: “Have you guys ever seen that place submerged underwater, it looks like another world! The photos show submerged trails… a bench and trees but it’s only like that for a part of the year! It’s probably in Sweden… or in Scandinavia, somewhere far off ! I really, really hope to dive there this trip, I want to see it with my own eyes! It looks so surreal!”

We continued our hike around the lake, passing two fish who were swimming along a narrow walking path. My friend tour guide friend Aline, informed me that this lake is submerged only a portion of the year. I searched for the name of my fantasy land that night to find out…

 I was just there.


Grüner See: Left and centre images are taken by me. Right image was taken from

There’s a lesson in here somewhere. Even if I saw someone diving, I doubt that I would have clued in.

Seeing something of desire and immersing in it, but without acknowledging the reality and wider spectrum of the situation keeps me chasing an ideal. Constantly seeing room for improvement, I often leave things high on the pedestal, out of reach while constantly finding new reasons to keep it there.

Breaking through this mentality requires effort. Spending time with my Italian family in Padua invigorated me to do so gradually.

Me: “What happens if you miss your dead line?”
Marcello: *Stares blankly* “You don’t.”

And thus the birth of death lines. Complete them or die. And then move on.

Italian Family

Arianna, Nico, Marcello and myself on polaroids.


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