My very pretty representation of information chaos ———> representation of order

The first diagram shows information as we often experience at the beginning, in a random and undefined state. It’s a bit messy. The second diagram turns that same information into a digested form: words, relations, categories, etc. Leaving information in a chaotic state makes comprehension and recall more difficult. Looking at the diagrams above for example, it takes more energy to process the connections, form, and shape in the chaotic state versus the organized state. This is the benefit of compartmentalizing. We do it all the time in everyday life. We use specific containers so we don’t need to pray that we’re using sugar and not salt.

In the past, my experience with the straight arm climb up was based in emotionally laced comparison. My internal dialogue would be something like, “all I need are more reps and to keep pushing because I’m weak and will be forever alone in the land of bent arm climb ups.”

I’m not naturally athletic. I’m afraid of most things so I really, really need to understand the steps of a task to not be veiled by the paralysis of fear. The anxiety I experienced sometimes led to desperation and a narrow vision. I did what was expedient rather than to objectively analyze the problems.

As a result, there was a lot of poorly processed information. The information I did formulate were weakly linked together. A deeper understanding of bio-mechanics would have saved me time and effort.

Recently, I was doing ring conditioning and was able to find a missing link- the end range of flexion was lacking! It was quite simple to make the connections as the information gathered was already from a refined source (training with Marcello who had already trained this with others).

The idea of chaos and order has been a prevalent pattern throughout this trip. Getting lost in chaos or order without purpose has always lead to a period of stagnation.

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