You don’t truly let go without trust. From challenging precision jumps of past years, I’ve found trusting my body’s abilities near its limits to be very difficult and I’ve observed my lack of sensitivity to them. Until 2020. It was an eye-opening lesson, learned during a precision jump that was

#10 – Bogdan Cvetkovic

Bogdan “Boki” Cvetkovic is a parkour practitioner since 2003, located in Belgrade, Serbia, the president of Parkour Serbia, Etre-Forte athlete and one of the most genuine practitioner to share the art, says anyone that’s ever met and learned from him. We talk about solo training, how we structure our training,

Training Partners

In physical disciplines, a bond forms between two or more people for a common aim. These people are known as training partners. They can be thought of as a complex set of variables… mood, personality, etc… with preconceived ideas and desired outcomes. Your training session is vastly determined by how

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#9 – Kasturi Torchia

Kasturi Torchia is the co-founder of @espritconcrete, located in London, UK. She is also a counselling psychologist in her last few months of training. We talk about Esprit Concrete, how her experience in counselling psychology relates with the work in Esprit, what makes a quality coach and more. The content is copyright

#8 – Louiseanne Wong and Tamara Dujmov

****We DO NOT really talk about parkour in this episode.**** Louiseanne Wong is a dancer and parkour practitioner with Esprit Concrete, located in London, UK. Tamara “Taki” Dujmov is a medical doctor and parkour OG from Rijeka, Croatia. We talk about narratives depicted in all sorts of contexts… communism, American

#7 – Scott Jackson and Flynn Disney

Scott Jackson is an OG traceur, chiropractor and director of Parkour Project, from Bournemouth, UK. Flynn Disney is a dog trainer and parkour coach who works from first principles. He teaches the best parkour swing classes, located in London, UK. We talk about the quality focused and challenged based community

#6 – Michel Kasper

Michel Kasper is a filmmaker, stunt performer and practitioner from the Netherlands We talk about his film on finding out what parkour means to him and others, how it influenced him during a difficult time and what the biggest struggles in the community are at the moment. References: Inspire Tour

# 5 – Philipp Holzmuller and Endijs Miscenko

Philipp Holzmuller and Endijs Miscenko are based out of Munster, Germany. One has a diet of broccoli, rice, lentils, is an Ashigaru athlete and the other one is a proud dog owner who went to get papers at school. We talk about how Phil and Endijs trained in their earlier

#4 – Lukas Rose

Lukas Rose recently returned from a trip to Iraq to meet parkour practitioners. He’s from the Siegen, Germany but has spent much of his life in other countries. We talk about about Iraqs’ parkour communities and their first meeting, how travel influences us, liquid modernity, the beautiful town of Siegen and

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