#4 – Lukas Rose

Lukas Rose recently returned from a trip to Iraq to meet parkour practitioners. He’s from the Siegen, Germany but has spent much of his life in other countries. We talk about about Iraqs’ parkour communities and their first meeting, how travel influences us, liquid modernity, the beautiful town of Siegen and

#3 – Georgij Sosunov

Georgij Sosunov is a practitioner based out of the Frankfurt area. He is also a social worker who uses parkour as a tool. We talk about his early training beginnings in Russia, the Frankfurt community, Those Guys Collectives, how his practice changed after getting a herniated disc… before he prods

#2 – Marie Fechner

Marie Fechner is a ParkourOne coach based out of Berlin. We spent a week in Sevo Sasa‘s home in Zadar for a week with the Gerlev parkour group. We get into her thoughts of Hell Night in Berlin as a participant/organizer, the long hours of a challenge named “BeastModeChallenge” (we

#1 – Raffi Debatin

This is the 1st of a series of conversations with parkour practitioners on my travels in Europe.

With Raffi, we got into the direction this project can go, play and failure and how chaos and order is themed throughout his life.

Recorded Oct. 17, 2018.

More info @ http://www.MandyLam.ca

“I think I just have a higher tolerance of shitty conditions than the average person”

I missed my flight from London to Cologne (…for the 2nd time) and felt a strong urge to take it by land so I stepped out of the airport and began my hitchhike to Cologne.


My mind melts, along with its confines The sky can be felt again. My driver told me he missed how life was in Romania many years ago. “Dolce far niente”, he explained, was what he missed most. Belgrade soon.

Why do you train.

I had never written in detail my reasons to train as I feel they change all the time. But I’ve learned after writing this the foundation of it stands solid. Questions taken from Those Guys Collective If you were to describe your training with the two fundamental aspects of it,

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