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Introduction to Movement


Ever wonder what it means to move with absolute freedom.. Yeah I know a bit over the top right? I agree. But if you could start going in that direction… would you?

This course is designed for those who want to move better, no matter if your day to day is bound to an office or if you’ve had interest in the movement culture for years.

You can expect to develop a better relationship with your body and learn tools that will be applicable to improve both your daily life and your movement practice. Some subjects covered include locomotion and acrobatics, physical preparedness, l’art du déplacement/parkour, irregular strength work and new pattern learning. The material is largely influenced by Ido Portal.

This will not be a “nice” experience only as you will be exposed to a full-educational process. Bring your notebooks, pens and expect to take notes. Same as you did in school but this time, with movement. Homework will be given.

Let’s open your eyes to your extraordinary potential in a world where we’re encouraged to stay within the lines.

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photo credit: Anya Chibis
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